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How to Make Influencer Marketing Work to Your Advantage

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If you want your business to survive and thrive today, social media influencer marketing should be included in your marketing plans. Ask any social media management service provider in Bromley or other cities and he might tell you the same thing.

But if you’re going to use this marketing tool, you should know how to make it work to your advantage. That means you shouldn’t pay too much for the services of a social media influencer. But your strategy can have a huge impact that potential customers will be excited to get your products.

So, how do you do that? By choosing earned influencer marketing versus paid influencer marketing.

The advantage of influencer marketing

First of all, if you still don’t know what social media influencer marketing is, here’s a crash course: When you have a product you want to sell, you tell social media influencers about your product and they will tell their followers to buy them.

That is the basic definition and mechanics of influencer marketing, and it is quite effective. Influencer marketing is effective because these social media personalities already have a loyal group of followers who buy whatever they endorse.

So, instead of going through print advertisements, TV commercials, or even online ads, your product is endorsed by a popular social media personality. Someone who a lot of people trust enough to buy whatever he or she is promoting. It’s like having a celebrity endorse your products, but without the huge talent fees. Social media influencers can also do a more comprehensive promotion of your products compared to celebrity endorsers.

When you collaborate with influencers, they can promote your products through their social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They often promote your products by posting pictures or blogs daily.

In addition, some of these influencers use the products that they endorse and they can provide proof on their social media platforms that the items are of good quality. On top of that, some of their followers trust their judgments so well that just because they’re endorsing a product people will fall in line to buy that item immediately.

The advantage of earned influencer marketing

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There are two types of influencer marketing: earned and paid. The first one means you don’t pay the influencer to endorse your product. Instead, you give her your product for free for him or her to use. If he/she likes your product, he/she can promote it.

As for the paid influencer marketing, you pay the influencer to endorse your product. When they promote your products on their social media page, they could entice their followers to buy your products.

With paid influencer marketing, it seems less risky since you’ve already paid the endorser to promote your products whether she likes it or not. But going through the earned influencer marketing strategy will be more effective for you.

The advantage of earned influencer marketing is that when the influencer promotes your product, she truly likes it. When an influencer tries out your product, she’ll get to know it intimately. So when she starts talking about it, the endorsement will sound more authentic.

She might even share some flaws in the product. And that would be even better because you will get pointers on how to improve your product and it will add to the authenticity of the promotion.

On top of that, you’ll be able to minimize your expenses because you won’t have to pay the influencer to promote your product. So, in a nutshell, you’re reaping all the rewards without breaking the bank.

Influencer marketing is essential to the success of any business. And as long as you know how to take advantage of this marketing strategy, you’ll be able to double your profits without spending too much.

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