7 Tips To Keep Your Auto Repair Business Running

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Running an auto repair business is hard work. There are so many things to do daily; keeping track of it all can be overwhelming. To keep your auto repair business running smoothly, here are some tips that will help you stay on top of everything that needs to be done.

1. Keep Track Of Customers

If you want your customers to remain loyal to you and come back for future car repairs, make sure you treat them well during their visit(s). A simple way to do this is by taking notes about each customer’s visit(s).

List the date of the visit, what they needed to be repaired, how long their wait was, etc. By keeping these notes, you can refer back to them the next time that customer comes in for another needed repair.

2. Be Honest With Customers

Being honest with customers goes hand-in-hand with keeping track of their visits to your auto repair shop. If a customer asks you how long their repairs will take, give them an honest answer. Don’t tell them it will be done sooner than it actually will be because they will be angry when they pick up their car and it still isn’t ready (even if it really wasn’t your fault).

You also don’t want to make promises to customers about fixing their car quickly only to find out later on that you cannot keep that promise (and end up having them come back numerous times until the job is done). Being honest with customers will leave them feeling respected.

3. Find A Reputable Supplier

To run a successful auto repair business, you are going to need to find an auto part supplier that is reputable and has good prices for the products they supply. You can find these suppliers by searching online or asking other local businesses about who they use (and why).

Sometimes, this information might even be posted on your city’s Chamber of Commerce website! Keep in mind that price isn’t everything; you also want quality parts, helpful customer service reps, and speedy shipping/delivery.

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4. Keep Up with the Taxes

You may be wondering what taxes have to do with running a successful auto repair shop. Well, the money you spend on auto repair business taxes is not profit. If you aren’t paying your auto repair business taxes, you are losing that money, and it isn’t going towards making your auto repair shop better (or staying open as long as possible).

You need to have a tax plan for your auto repair shop so you can stay up to date with all auto repair business taxes and keep your business open for as long as possible.

5. Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

If your auto repair business isn’t clean, customers will notice, and they won’t be happy about it (which means they probably won’t come back).

To keep your auto repair shop clean, make sure that employees are tidying up after themselves when they’re done with a job and the work area is free of tools/materials/junk. Not only will this help keep the auto repair shop looking nice, but it also helps prevent any accidents from occurring.

6. Invest In The Tools You Need

Sometimes the cost of a tool is well worth it if you are using it for an important job.

For example, let’s say you need to use a tool that cuts the wheel off of the car so you can remove the tire and fix whatever problem there is with it (inner tire damage, wheel damage, etc.). This might be a specialty tool that not many people know how to operate. It also might take two or three employees to lift it onto your workbench safely.

Because this tool will help your employees do their jobs faster/better/safer AND because taking off wheels is something you probably do on a regular basis, this would be an excellent investment for your auto repair shop!

7. Hire Employees You Can Trust

It is important to hire employees that you can trust. This way, when you need to step out of the auto repair shop for an hour or two because you have family obligations, your employees can handle it without worrying about anything going wrong/being unable to handle a customer in need.

Hire people who are friendly and show initiative. They should be willing to help out other employees if needed (even if they normally don’t work in that particular area), AND they should also be able to take care of any customers that come into the store while you are gone.

The article has given you some ways to keep your auto repair business running smoothly. The next step is for you to implement these tips into your own business. Just remember that it takes time, effort, and dedication in order to have a successful store! Good luck!

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