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Which Should You Be? A Database Developer and Database Administrator

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Structured Query Language, more commonly known as SQL, is a kind of language specifically created for databases. With the rise of people and companies relying on software, the demand to have experts in SQL is also on the rise. Two of the jobs highly related to SQL are database developer and database administrator (DBA).

Deciding whether to become a developer or a DBA that would handle SQL servers? DBA Services and other experts list a breakdown of the similarities and differences between these two professions to help decide which is more suitable for you:

Educational Background

Obviously, it’s necessary for both a developer and a DBA to be well versed with SQL. While their roles are technically different, it is possible for one to fulfil the job of the other. This also explains why there are instances when smaller companies — that are in need of a database developer — allow their DBA to have two responsibilities.

Roles in Database

They might be able to fulfil each other’s function to some extent, but a database developer is someone who is in charge of coming up with something new in the system. Thus, their title ‘developer’. DBAs, on the other hand, manages the day-to-day operations of the database. Unlike developers, their job requires a more systematic method and approach.

Role in a Company

While database developers can also do the role of a DBA, there’s a huge difference in their job description. A company using a database would need the expertise of both, as they have different functions to perform.

Having an idea about the difference between a developer and an administrator would make it easier for you to choose which career path to take. Now, all you need is to ask yourself, what you would like to pursue.

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