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Life Before the Cloud: How Cloud Computing Has Simplified Our Daily Tasks

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server hostingThese days, you probably see plenty of TV advertisements for Internet services and gadgets that mention cloud computing. This may sound new to you, but this technology has been around for some years now.

Cloud computing is something you use almost every day without noticing it. Some of the most popular cloud services are Google Docs, Gmail, and YouTube. But, what exactly is cloud computing? Why is it important?

The Cloud

The first commercial ISP in South Africa,, says the cloud is simply storing all your data and applications online, so you can work on them directly anytime, anywhere via your web-connected devices like your laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. By using the cloud, you’ll have the capacity to store information and access them wherever you are. This is particularly beneficial for those people who are working off-site.

Cloud computing has helped you with your daily tasks in many ways. But, what was it like before the technology was introduced?

Saving Files was Difficult

Before the cloud, you had to save your files on the hard drive of your computer or laptop. If you needed to take them with you, you needed a CD or a thumb drive. Sometimes, you had to carry your laptop everywhere, so you could access all your files.

Investing Money on Pricey Software was Necessary

To get the benefits of different applications, you had to invest on pricey software installations. With the cloud, however, you don’t need to purchase any software because you can run it in the cloud for free. If you’re into video editing, you can simply use YouTube Video Editor.

Backing Up was Costly

Before the cloud, you had to purchase costly hardware just to back up your files and other data applications. But now, you can avoid the downside of using an outdated desktop package.

Getting the Latest Updates Took Time

Providers of cloud apps automatically update and maintain them. So, you won’t encounter technical problems. Before the cloud, however, you had to wait for long hours for tech support when your desktop application broke.

As shown above, cloud computing is really a helpful tool in simplifying a lot of daily tasks in today’s society.

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